• Dos & Don'ts: From Winter to Spring!

When you think winter, more than likely you think dark and warm colors. This doesn’t work for spring, so a "DO" for your spring outfit is bright colors. Introduce them as a contrast piece, a bright yellow scarf, or colorful bracelets! A pop of color screams, “I’m ready for spring!” Don’t go overboard! It’s not time yet to bust out that summer dress.

Now that we know color is in, in, in! A major “Don’t” is mixing winter accessories with spring ones. If you’re going to rock the bright colored accessories, leave the gloves in the drawer!


Lets talk about the “Do’s and Don’ts” for footwear. “Don’t” break out the flip-flops just yet, save those for summer! Rule of thumb, if it’s still turtleneck weather, the flops aren’t ready to come out of your closet (we know, major bummer). “Do” stock your closet up on colorful shoes! If you’re afraid that your shoes will make you look to wild, pair the shoes with black pants, jeans, or a skirt, and boom, perfection!

Moving along in our spring style crash course, “Do” swap out that dark winter coat for a fresh burst of color. Our personal favorite, turquoise! Also, don’t forget your layers! It’s always a risk to wear light clothes in the beginning of spring; after all, the weather can change at a drop of a hat! Pile on those layers ‘cause it’s easy to take away then to be in a pinch and have to add on!

When it comes to prints and patterns, we say go all out! Floral & animal prints are huge right now, and even better than that: the wonderful world of plaid! We’re serious; plaids can work all year round, so it’s definitely time to invest in those! The comfortable prints look just as stylish in the sun as they do in the snow. 

That wasn’t too bad, right?! Keep rockin’ your Soffe for spring shorts ladies!