• Top 5 Things That Every Soffe Girl Should Have!

1. Nu-Soccer Shorts- this short is cute, comfortable, and you can move around it! Let’s be honest, you definitely need one in every color, so you can match all of your tops! Yes, technically that’s 4 items right there, but for the list’s sake we’re counting it as 1. On we go…

2. The AuthenticSoffe short- definitely a MUST have! This short is truly iconic to every cheerleader! Why, you ask?  They’re made for tumbling through the air, and they provide comfort and ease for your active lifestyle!

3. Yoga Pants- even if you’re not into yoga, these pants are still the uppity of awesome! You’ll love wearing these around the house or out to the gym. We promise that they’ll fit you perfectly- like a second skin that feels soft when practice is tough!

4. Printcompression shorts- if you’re a cheerleader then no explanation is needed on these, but just in case… These shorts are fierce and will allow you to kick high and kick back! The tight fit of these performance shorts contours to your body for maximum support. These babies increase mobility and help you keep your cool during competition.

5. Boy-Beater- last, but certainly not least is our Soffe boy-beater! We couldn’t do a top 5 and not include this tank, and for a good reason! It’s the ideal base layer for any outfit! If you don’t have a solid foundation then the entire out-fit is ruined! Drama aside, if you want to talk color options, we’ve got ‘em, 31 to be exact!

 Keep on rockin’ and stay awesome!