• 5 Cheerleading Rules To Live By

If we aren't buried in books or building pyramids under Friday Night Lights, we're likely pushing to perfect countless routines and stunts at practice. Juggling all the hard work of being a successful cheerleader might become a bit easier if we all followed ....

Five Cheerleading Rules To Live By!

1. Never diss your squadmates. Remember, they'll be spotting you.
Ever have one of those catty moments with someone you don't like? Yeah, we all have. But cheerleaders know that drama has to stay off the sidelines or stage.

2. When in doubt, use spirit fingers.
Doesn't matter if it's the 4th quarter of a trouncing. The only thing worse than a sweaty gym locker is a cheer squad without pep. Come on! The game might be over, but spirit is our job!

3. Cheerleaders don't need wings to fly.
Dreams do come true. We've worked hard to become who we are. Confidence is key in cheer. We fly higher than most anyone else, and do it with spirit and style. And that means ...

4. Cheerleading is a sport . 'Nuff said.
Show us your scars and we'll show you ours. Cheerleading is tough, ladies and gentlemen. We train like every other athlete and break bones like anyone else. Show the sport some respect!

5. Stay away from my cheer bag.
Okay. Calling all little brothers, nosy neighbors and curious friends: I've got my Soffe shorts, keys and a million other things in that duffle. "Gametime" doesn't mean the green light to go messing around.

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