• Soffe sketch | Drawing is fun!

Hey party people.  This is my first sketch attempt in years.  I’m trying to keep with my “evolving” theme!  

I studied illustration for years in fashion school and at the time wanted to be an illustrator.  I’ve recently re-connected with some old illustrator friends and have been swiping some cool ideas for illustrating some Soffe styles just for fun!  This shows our quality apparel in a new and interesting way!  

My astrologer says this new creative spurt is attributed to Neptune in Pisces.  I don’t know what it is but I LIKE IT!  Drawing is fun.  Pick up some markers and a pencil and try for yourself! Hopefully my sketches will improve as I practice over the coming weeks.  

This illustration is showing our neon pink sport top paired with our skinny sweatpants we are introducing this coming Fall.  She has a pop of color going on in her trainers and gym bag which is a fun - you gotta play up color in accessories this season!

Hope this sketch has inspired you!  Next time I’ll write about my trip to NYC I took a couple weeks back to shop for all our new PRINTS for next seasons authentic Soffe short!  Had the best time - always love visiting New York.  I also have a cool DIY idea for Spring to make your T-shirts look new!  More to come.

Keep it Real!

Heather, Merchandising Manager