• New Year's Resolutions | Disney, Miss Teen America 2012

It's a brand new year ... What's your resolution? Mine is to work out. 

It takes a ton of energy to keep up with a teenage daughter who dances, cheers and is Miss Ohio Jr. Teen America. She has a crazy schedule and this year as we prepare for Miss Teen America things get crazy! January and February are full of competitions and  March brings Spring break where she will perform at Disney then we are back home for a day then off to Indianapolis for the weekend for US Finals! (By the way, have you seen Soffe's latest Disney tees? They're so cute.)

No sooner do we get home and get unpacked it is off to Tennessee to Miss Teen America for 5 days. The reason I say work out is a resolution, I need that energy boost to help me stay healthy when things get busy. 

Soffe is great for that, the clothes are great for us parents; they are comfortable and breathe. They keep us cool and looking good no matter where we are - and we can stay comfy in everything from a warm hoodie to rugby pants. So when you look online for your kids, think of yourself too, they are not just for teens...after all we moms & dads are our kids biggest cheerleaders!


Guest blogger Chastity Irwin is a Soffe mom and all-around awesome!