• Cheer, Dance and Soffe shorts

1, 2, 3, 4 or more!

How many pairs of Soffe Classic Shorts do you own?

This is a fun question to ask cheerleaders and dancers everywhere. They know Soffe, they know comfortable and they know what it takes to be great and Soffe is always there! So if you are like me it seems like you are always washing Soffe authentic shorts, my daughter has almost every color and wants more.

A few questions to consider: What colors do you or your kids have? What is their favorite color? Where all have you worn sporty Soffe Shorts? Did you wear them on vacation or to visit family ... maybe even Disney World? I want to know where your favorite place was that you wore your Soffes!

When you think of colorful Soffe shorts what comes to mind? Is is the ease of cleaning, the comfortability or the price. When I first started buying Soffe Classic shorts the first thought I had was "at this price I don't care if she ruins them ... they are inexpensive" but boy was I wrong. This is one instance when price is not an indicator of quality. These shorts may be inexpensive but they are not cheap! My daughter who is hard on everything still has a pair from 4th grade. They still fit and have not faded.

I am amazed at the durability versus the cost on the line of clothing. Our cheer squad last year used Soffe for the warm-ups and they lasted the test of time, washed great and never got those "fuzzy piles" on them. They were clean and we walked into competitions confident. My daughter still has hers and would wear it more if it didn't say Middle School on it.  (She still wears the pants.)

Well, let me know your thoughts, comments and compliments. If you are curious about a product let me know, I will review it for you and give my honest opinion of the clothing and let you know.

Till next time

Guest blogger and awesome Soffe mom!