• Love to cheer, but tumbling is my passion!

Meet the fan blogger: Tori
Where are you from? Illinois
What’s your love? Cheerleading, but tumbling is my passion! Soffe shorts allow me to do this.

Cheerleading. People think short skirts and big bows. They never think about the dozens of hours behind the perfect routines.

Cheer camp is the best time of the season. It's when we come together as a team for the first time. We sit there in our matching Soffe shorts decorated with our school logo.

I only wear Soffe shorts for a reason. It's because they are the most comfortable athletic wear available.

I wouldn't DREAM about throwing my passes or throwing a girl up in the air without my Soffe shorts on. And when cheer camp is over? I still only wear Soffe shorts. They let me jump and flip to my highest potential. So, thanks Soffe!

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