• I love animals, cheerleading and Soffe

Meet the fan blogger: Heather
What do you love? I love animals! I have been cheerleading since I was 5 years old.

'Ello everyone,
My name is Heather Cirissa Goble. I am 19 years old. I am from a very small town called Cambridge City, Indiana - Cambridge as the locals call it. I am a freshman at Indiana University East in Richmond, Indiana where I am majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.
A Few Interesting Things about Me:
I love animals! I have 2 dogs: Harley and Hannah. 3 cats: Heritage, Lucky, and Moe. I also have a hamster, her name is Harriet. I also have my dogs at my parents’ house, Jake and Barney. Yeah I know that's a lot, I just love them. I volunteer at a local no kill shelter called HELP the Animals. It is a truly touching experience to watch an animal go home to a new loving owner. (Sometimes that is me!) My favorite color is pink! If you look in my closet most of my clothes are shades of pink. I love glitter and sparkles, two of the best things ever invented! I am getting ready to celebrate my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend, Travis. He is truly a supporter of all my activities. I am an outgoing person, fun to be around, and love to just get out and do something no matter what that may be. We just went on a whim snow tubing trip, most fun I've had in a long time!

My Background:
I have been cheerleading since I was 5 years old. I cheered all 4 years at Lincoln High School. I was a part of the first ever competition squad at LHS my junior year. Our first competition out, and we won our division! This same squad placed third in our first ever conference cheerleading competition.  During my senior year of cheerleading, I was awarded two awards. The first one was Scholar Athlete for having the highest GPA on the squad; I shared this honor with my good friend Haley. Haley and I have been cheering together since the beginning; we were the only two that cheerleading all though middle school and high school. The next and best award I have received, to this day, was the Most Valuable Player award.

I have also involved in color guard since 6th grade. I have been with the Lincoln High School marching band and color guard from never placing high enough to even get our name called at the Indiana State Fair to, my senior year, not only having our name called once, but TWICE. We placed 20th place and, our top honor, we had place 7th in small band! We had broken the school record, blew it out of the water really! It was a wonderful achievement for me as well as the rest of the Eagle Marchers. Not only was I active in marching band color guard, I was a member of the winter guard. Just like cheerleading, I was a part of the first ever Lincoln High School winter guard. I was with the winter guard through always getting a bronze metal to always getting at least a silver most time gold! I was the co-captain my sophomore year of high school and the captain my junior and senior year of both summer guard and winter guard. Unfortunately, due to funding, we were not able to compete winter guard my senior year. :'(

I am also a dancer (and Soffe has a great clothes for dance). I danced since I was 4 at Dance Dynamics in Dublin, Indiana. I took classes in tap, clogging, gymnastics, pom, jazz, hip hop, and cheer. I danced up until I was 13, then I took a break. I started color guard and was active in Lincoln Middle School cheerleading and it was just too much for me to handle. My senior year, I came back to dance. I took the cheer/dance class for girls on the high school cheer squad. We ended the recital and were a huge hit. The senior introduced ourselves and told of where we were going to school, etc. I even won the stand out award! Although, my true honor came after when a random stranger came up to me and said that I better be cheerleading at IUE because I was exactly what they needed.

I am currently a part of the Indiana University East cheerleading team. This is only the second year for IUE to have cheerleaders. Just like in high school, I am on the first ever IUE cheerleading competition team. It is a building year for IUE cheerleading. But, I think we have the skills, talent, and the right girls to make things happen, you will see us at the NAIA National Cheerleading championships in March!!!

Along with cheering at IUE this year, I am also helping coach the Lincoln High School cheerleaders. I have come back to my almamader to teach them new skills that I have gained and make sure they are on top of the conference this year!

Also, I am coaching the Lincoln High School color guard team.  The Lincoln High School color guard team, and even marching band (I help them as well, I know how to play the clarinet and march.), are really becoming sometime to watch. This past year, I helped LHS to break the school record for the second time! This year’s band and guard had placed 19th, two points away from making the night show, and 6th in small band.

I LOVE Soffe
While scrolling through my Facebook, I saw a post where Soffe needed bloggers to tell of their experiences. Soffe has helped me in every single one of my sports! I own about every single pair of Soffe shorts. (Fun Fact: The night before I saw the post, I ordered 5 new pairs of Soffe shorts and a pair of the new yoga pants.) If it wasn't for Soffe I have no idea what I would wear to practices, I don't that that any female athlete would! I know that no matter the color shirt I want to wear I will have a cute pair of shorts to match it. Sometimes when we are running through a routine, rather it be at cheer or guard, we must all have matching outfits, we always pick Soffe. When IUE cheerleaders went to camp we ordered outfits from Soffe. We got red, black, and zebra shorts and adorable tank tops! Not only do I wear Soffe to practice, you will see me on any summer day out in my Soffes! When I go shopping my friends try to avoid the Soffe rack because they know I will buy any pair that I do not have. (It never works, I always find them!)

I am honored to have this opportunity to blog for Soffe. I truly believe in the Soffe brand and all the products that they produce to make female athletes the best they can be!


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