• Love is in the Air | Soffe college gear

 Valentines day is around the corner and I want to know what do you love about cheer! What do you love about Soffe? If you talk to a cheerleader no matter what age they will tell you cheer is a rush, a chance to pump up the crowds and to get people on their feet cheering.

You don't get time-outs, you never seem to get a break, your off time is spent making banners for your school and decorating lockers for fellow team members whether they play football or basketball. If you are a rec team or competition cheerleader your job may not include making banners but we all know you are always practicing and seem to always have the Facebook status listed as "At the Gym." 

But the most important part of any sport (yes I believe cheer is a sport) is passion. If you don't have passion what do you have? You have Soffe, but chances are if you are reading this you have a love for Soffe too! Now, I don't want to get into a "What is the best school" battle, but no matter what school you pull for Soffe has you covered with the best college gear

If you love Duke basketball, they have my favorite Duke hoodie ever. If you are like some friends of mine and love Alabama and wanna show your spirit for the Crimson Tide, they have more than most sporting stores you will go to, unless you live in Alabama. Now if you are a true dance team fanatic chances are you know how awesome LSU is, and yes Soffe has LSU shirts too.  

But what most people don't know is they have hats, t-shirts and pants to match most of the shirts and hoodies. So if you are a parent of teen getting ready to go off to college and don't want to pay the crazy prices for a college apparel then Soffe.com is the place for you to get them stocked up and ready to go off into the world looking good and saving money! If you are like me and need to be comfortable on those drives to and from practice and want something fashionable to wear to games then Soffe is a parents dream come true.

Chastity Irwin is a Soffe mom and all-around awesome!