• Coach Corner | Journey to the state cheer championships

I can remember the day I started cheer. I operated under the assumption that it would not require much of my time and I’d look great in the Navy skirt. Well, I was wrong. My muscles hurt for days and cute Navy skirt turned out to be bright yellow and pleated…not a good look. Many years, bloody noses, random bruises, and sore wrists later I became the assistant coach for my old high school team. Our squad is small but mighty and seeing their Soffe clad, smiling faces at practice every day is one of the highlights of my life.
Meet the ladies! My two lovely captains are Tate and Chelsea—a senior leader and junior with incredible talent. The other seniors are Esther and Taylor. The juniors bring the fun to the team. They are Haley, Mary, Elizabeth, and Molly. The sophomores, May, Grace, June, and Autumn are known for their hard work and quick improvement. The freshman display incredible promise and potential. They are Paige and Emma. Last but not least is my fellow coach, Nicole; she is the backbone of this entire operation.
As this blog progresses you will follow us in our pursuit of bringing home a state title. We’ll share every aspect of our preparation with you (and of course we’d love your input and suggestions) as well as why it is integral to strive for excellence with the best quality gear. Let’s follow the Lions all the way to the top. The only things bigger than our goals are our bows!

Kristen has cheered since she was a little tyke and is now coaching her old high school team in Colorado. She loves cheerleading more than pretty much anything and will let you follow along her team on their way to winning a state trophy!