• I want to be a college cheerleader!

Meet the fan blogger: Beth
What's your love? Sports, cheerleading, tumbling and working to be a collegiate cheerleader!

As an athletic girl, I have always been involved in sports and trusted Soffe for the best activewear. I have done soccer, ballet, gymnastics, track, figure skating and cheerleading.

While I greatly enjoyed all of the sports I have been a part of (the best part is being part of a team!!) my favorite has always been cheerleading. I am absolutely in love with cheerleading!! For me, it strikes a perfect balance between dance, gymnastics, and mind-blowing acrobatics that I have always admired. 

My personal cheer story begins when, during my sophomore year, I finally made the executive decision to focus steadily on the sport, and join my high school cheerleading team. While I had been through clinics and classes, I had never been a part of a cheerleading team. So, the fall of my sophomore year, tried out…and I made the team! I was elated! 

Setting goals
I learned our school’s cheers, the dance to the fight song, and I was introduced to my first real stunting. Stunting has always since been my favorite part of cheerleading. I am a flyer, and I have fallen in love with the feeling of being up in the air, and catching the crowd’s attention! It is a ton of fun! 

I have been cheering for two and a half years now; I am a senior in high school. I have spent many hours training for cheer (always outfitted in my Soffe gear, of course!!) and I have accomplished so much! I still hold the same passion for cheer that I had when I started out, and I now intend to try out to make a college team!! I am training very hard, working tumbling skills and learning one-man stunts. It is a lot of hard work, but it is worth it to be able to advance in my skills and learn new things!

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