• Soffe is for coaches

There's more to a coach than the whistle they blow and the occasional vein that keeps popping out during inopportune moments of distress.

Coaches form the basis of a team - more than just players, they forge bonds that could last a lifetime.

Many times, coaches are key vertebrae in the backbone of an athlete's life.
 Some coaches teach by day and run drills by the 3 p.m. school bell. When they're not busy grading papers, they're prepping for next week's big game or even spreading words of wisdom through the players.

Coaches ask little in return, hoping only their team gives it everything in the name of competition. In doing so, some key life lessons can be learned along the way.

So here's to the coaches who make Soffe girls and moms proud. We're proud to support them with a
team discount for sports clothes and the best activewear to get teams ready for battle. Do you have a favorite coach? Be sure to tell them how important they really are. Without them, the whole idea of "team" would fade from memory.