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Keep evolving....

I’ve titled my first blog - “Keep evolving”.... since it is so important for all of us to keep updating ourselves, to keep it real!  I would like to make this a constant theme for all blog entries to come.  That we all gotta remember who we are and where we came from.  We can never lose that fun, zany person inside of us.  We have to learn new things and not be afraid to take chances in life. 

So....to tell you a little about me.. I am the Soffe merchandiser, designer and print guru. I love color. Neons were always my favorite.  I believe in fate - that everything happens for a reason.  Fabric is awesome.  Texture is cool.  I make sure my friends have good texture.  I like to draw but I never have time.  I love nineties music.  I can’t get enough animal prints!  I LOVE to have fun.  I plan to share a little of the everyday in the life of a designer with everyone out there.  Writing like this is new to me so just bare with me while I “evolve” and try to make my everyday interesting to all the chicas out there!
To the right is a pic of me in one of our latest styles - the print legging.  I’ve got on the Cha Cha Cheetah print with our black burn out longsleeve tee.  I’ve layered the tee over our must have boy-beater.  I’ll try out some of our Soffe designs for you as I write so you can see some of our awesome styles! At first these leggings feel a little crazy since they are an all over print...but then you feel so unique in them so they are super cool!

Keep it real!  More to come.