• How strong is your squad?

Do you trust your team to catch you? Literally...

Soffe shorts have been the "go to" short for cheerleaders around the nation because of our wide range of colors and, there just so darn comfy! You can do as many back-flips and tumble routines in Soffe shorts season after season, and they will stand the test of time!!  Because Soffe loves cheerleading we wanted to show you some pointers on how to keep your team peppy!
We know that a new school year brings about a new cheerleading season, and that age-old saying comes to mind, your squad is only as strong as the weakest link! It's crucial to have a strong foundation in cheerleading whether it's the bases holding up the flyer for her scorpion stunt or the four girls at the bottom of your pyramid!

We have some great team building activities that only take a few minutes and can worked in at the very end of practice- a great way to end on a positive note! 

Not so-ordinary Trust Falls!
Fun & a great activity to help with girls who don't like cradles or basket-tosses. If you have a really large squad you can split into smaller groups, but a minimum of six girls works well.

·      To start off, have all the girls stand in two lines facing each other. Have them link arms where one girl's hands are holding onto the other's elbow.

·      Go out in a yard and have one girl stand in front of the "tunnel" of girls with her back facing them.

·      The girl in front says, "Catcher's ready?" If they are ready they respond, "Catcher's ready, fall when your ready." The front girl says, "Falling" and the catchers respond, "Fall." It's important to be verbal so there is no confusion.

·      These may sound a little silly but are necessary in building trust! The girl then falls back into the other's arms, much like a cradle or basket-toss. Make sure every girl takes a turn.

·      After the last person has gone on ground level, move onto something higher up (i.e. a tree stump, chair, table, porch, etc). Keep moving the fall point higher until the faller is as high as she would be in an extension.

The Tangle Game
There needs to be at least 6 girls to play this game.

·      Everyone stands in a circle holding hands. One by one the girls move their positions without letting go of the girls whose hands they are holding, causing them to become one big tangled mess of arms and girls.

·      When they can’t stand it much longer, they try to untangle themselves. If anyone falls, or lets go, the game is over.

The YES Squad
Write in "YES" books at the end of each practice.

·                      · Each cheerleader decorates a small notebook with the letters "YES" which stands for "You're Extra Special."                                                                                                                           .        
·            ·Write positive notes to each other throughout the week, and then have fun seeing what positive things your fellow cheerleaders have written about you.                                                           .             

Have a safe and successful season Soffe girls, and remember to pack your Soffe's for practice! :)