• Cheerleading tryouts | How to make the cheer team

It is that time of year again. Many of us are preparing for another journey into the world of cheerleading some of us might be beginning our journey for the first time.

Here are a few key points as you near your middle school and high school tryouts:

*Look like a cheerleader. Wear the appropriate clothes. (No jeans, wear a bow, cheer shoes, and of course your school colors)
*Act like a cheerleader. (Be confident, be LOUD and assertive, Be versatile!)
*Be a cheerleader (Base, Fly, Tumble, Jump, Cheer, Dance, and show no weakness)
*Make sure you know your required tryout dance and cheer
Something my mom always told my sister and I. Make your self noticeable. Don't be shy don't hide in the back. Want to be up front. You want to be remembered.
*Be a leader whenever you can.
*Be sure to pick out some great cheerleading tryout clothes from Soffe!

Most of all have FUN!!! My mom always made sure we had the biggest best bow. At my sister's high school tryouts as a freshman, she was even told how great her bows were. So thanks MOM.

So with that being said just, remember, you can do this. Don't ever doubt yourself anyone and everyone can be a cheerleader.

-- Brittany Deaville, Fresh Face 2012