• Stain your clothes? How to easily remove spots and stains

We've all seen a million laundry detergent commercials promising the best, brightest, cleanest, purest wash to get out every stubborn stain from grass to grease.

Yeah, nix all that. Stick with us and we'll show you some easy tricks to smash those sports stains, scuffs and spots from your favorite Soffe shorts and Soffe clothes.

Most all stains have a weakness - think of them like grimy supervillains. So let's find out how to vanquish them and return your Soffe gear to normal!

Ink: Soak with hair spray, then dry, then brush lightly with a solution of white vinegar and water. Rinse with clear water.
Salt and Water: White vinegar takes salt and water stains off of leather.
Hair Dye: Use detergent and white vinegar to remove hair dye stains then bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Then wash in washer.
Lipstick: Use full strength lemon juice and salt to the stain, then lay the fabric out in the sun for awhile.
Perspiration: Use 1/4 cup of salt to 1 quart of hot water
. Put this mixture on the stain then launder.
Wine and Fruit Juice: Make a paste of lemon juice and salt. Put this mixture on the stain and let it sit for thirty minutes.

Tips courtesy of Essortment

There you have it! Keep your Soffe gear clean for practice and performance! And in case you need to restock your wardrobe for the sports season, be sure to shop our latest and greatest Soffe clothes at Soffe.com.